Christian Slezak


Chief Digital Officer
Agile Project Manager
Scrum Master
Product Owner

Director & Producer at Film4Two Filmproduktion

- Light design in theatre and on events since 1999
- Film since 2001
- Photography since 2007

<-- Drama Showreel 2017

Christian Slezak - Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

Christian Slezak is a german multidisciplinary filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Berlin. From a young age he started with filming, photography and light design and quickly made his way into the professional world of filmmaking. After his A-level and his apprenticeship as fitter and turner he worked as a volunteer with disabled people in New Zealand before travelling to Australia, Asia and many more places for several years. Back in Germany he did his Bachelor of Arts in film and tv directing in Berlin while immersing into the german film scene at full speed. He incorporated many roles on and off set, including Producer, Director, Cameraman, Production Manager, Gaffer, Editor etc. and recently expanded his horizons into the business world as Technical Manager in the Video On Demand business. After several years of work in various fields he is now searching for more meaningful assignments.


Constantin Television
Rat Pack Filmproduktion
AVE Fernsehproduktion
AVA Studios
Pacifica Productions ltd.

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