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Independent Director and Producer at Film4Two Filmproduktion Berlin.

- Light design in theatre and on events since 1999
- Film since 2001, focus: directing
- Photography since 2007, focus: people and nature

- Drama coaching at "Die Tankstelle"

Following you will find a selection of my latest projects:


- Technical Manager at Press9 Media Solutions, Berlin
- Corporate film for "VRXcity", Berlin (Director)


- Technical Manager at Press9 Media Solutions, Berlin
- Advertising: "Nike & Flying Steps", Berlin (gaffer)
- TV Ad "Watchbox" RTL, Berlin (gaffer)
- Corporate film: OBI "Raumplaner", Berlin (director)
- Advertising: "Go Flynn", Berlin (gaffer)
- Corporate film: OBI "Bad Planer", Berlin (editor)
- Corporate film: OBI "Gartenplaner", Berlin (director)
- Music Clip: "Zugezogen Maskulin - Was für eine Zeit", Berlin (gaffer)
- Corporate film: Boston Consulting Group, Berlin (director)
- Music Clip: "Elif - Anlauf Nehmen", Berlin (gaffer)
- Amazon Web Services Summit 2017, Berlin (camera)
- Image film: Mike David Ortmann, GT Masters (AOK), Lausitzring (director)


- iTunes Editor - Press9 Media Solutions, Berlin
- Corporate film: OBI Macher, Berlin (director)
- Corporate Clips: Klassik Echo 2016 Berlin (director)
- Video Clips: Stifterverband (camera&editing)
- Lecturing at Renmin University Beijing & Shanghai Film Art Academy, China
- Corporate film: Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference, Berlin (producer)
- Amazon Web Services Summit 2016, Berlin (crane operator)
- Corporate film: Integralis Akademie, Rahden (producer)
- Corporate film: SKP Sparkasse, Berlin (1.AC)
- Documentary: Wissensregion Bremen (editor)
- Fundraising trailer: Velocate, Berlin (1.AC)
- Video Clips: Stifterverband, Berlin (editor)


- Shortfilm "Hooked", Berlin (director)
- Imagefilm "biond", Kassel (director)
- Feature film "Skysharks", Braunschweig (1.AC)
- Feature film "5 Frauen", France (set manager)
- Imagefilm "AOK Familiensporttag 2015", Berlin (producer)
- FFP FX Imagefilm, Berlin (producer)
- Spec-Commercials for Salamander Productions, Berlin (gaffer)
- Imagefilm "AOK Benefizspiel", Berlin (camera)
- Imagefilm "Amazon AWS - Tado Case Studies 2015", Berlin (1.AC)
- Imagefilm "AOK Bundespokal", Berlin (camera)
- ZDF Feature "Der Patriarch", Berlin (set manager)
- Imagefilm "Quo Vadis - Game Developer Conference", Berlin (producer)
- Imagefilm "Pay Pal Plus", Berlin (director)
- Commercial "Mercedes Benz Sales Funnel", Berlin (gaffer)


- Shortfilm "Lupus Perditus", Berlin (director)
- Adidas commercial - Hawkins&Cross, Berlin (assistant camera)
- Musicvideo "Femme Schmidt - Kill me", Berlin (electrician)
- Shortfilm "Tropos Sois", Crete (director & camera)
- Videoclip for Alexander Baumjohann, HERTHA BSC, Berlin (assistant camera)
- Commercial "Deutsche Eigenheim", Berlin (gaffer)
- Live-TV broadcast "U18 Wahl", Berlin (gaffer)
- Videoclip "The Dark Tenor" for Universal/RTL, Leipzig (electrician)
- Documentary "Wächter am Watt", Norderney (director)
- Musicvideo "Adesse feat. Sido - Elektrisch", Berlin (electrician)
- Documentary "65 Jahre SOS Kinderdörfer", Austria (sound)
- News for "France24", Königsbronn (sound)
- Shortfilm "Zwiebelsuppe", Berlin (DoP)
- Imagefilm for the AOK-Insurance, Berlin (director&editor)


- Musicvideo "Heinrich - Lieber allein", Berlin (gaffer)
- Documentary "Soner", Berlin (director)
- Feature Film "Die glorreichen Sieben Reloaded", Spain (assistant camera)
- Circus Halligalli (Pro7) "Akte Rojinski", Berlin (gaffer)
- Imagefilm for the AOK-Insurance, Berlin (DoP&editor)
- Musicvideo "Halt den Ball flach", Berlin (gaffer)
- Shortfilm "Darwin" - dffb, Berlin (Best Boy)
- Imagefilm for "biond - Essen fürs Leben", Hessen (producer&director)
- Musicvideo for Michael McGraw, Berlin (gaffer)
- Imagefilm for B/S/H Berlin (assistant camera)
- Trailer for the International Filmawards Berlin (assistant camera)
- Feature Film "Psed Zurjami", Cottbus (gaffer)
- Shortfilm "The Saviour", Berlin (2nd unit gaffer)
- Shortfilm "Hinter dünnen Wänden", Berlin (gaffer)


- Feature film "World of Leem", Berlin (set-manager)
- Documentary "Street Light - Das Musical", Berlin (grip)
- Feature Film "Amok @ School", Munich (set-manager)
- 4 Musicvideos for "PUR", Berlin (electrician)
- Imagefilm "Ideen hoch3", Freudenberg (director&DoP)
- Feature film "Offline", Brandenburg (assistant camera)
- Feature film "Anna & Modern Day Slavery", Poland (gaffer)
- Imagefilm for "SOS-Kinderdörfer", Austria (sound)
- Shortfilm "Gott und die Welt", Munich (assistant camera)
- Commercial for "KlimaschutzPlus Stiftung", Berlin (director)
- Commercial for BMW Brand-Protection, Munich (1.AD)
- Shortfilm "Les Regrets", Berlin (camera)
- Shortfilm "Antharys", Berlin&Harz (grip)
- Shortfilm "Zack", Berlin (gaffer)


- Shortfilm "Morgenröte", Berlin (electrician)
- Shortfilm "Erfolgsrezept", Berlin (electrician)
- Feature Film "Judengasse", Bavaria Studios Munich (assistant director)
- Shortfilm "Die Welt nebenan", Berlin (script&director)
- Imagefilm for "ICLEI", Bonn (director)

- Work as decorator for "Konzept Freiraum"
- Lighting technician at "Black Box Music"


Establishing of the Film4Two film production company in Berlin.

- Imagefilm for "Jugendsymposion Kassel" (director)
- Internship at "Interfilm", Berlin (Internationales Kurzfilmfestival)
- Feature Film "Blackout", Munich (assistant director)
- Documentary "The Youth Future Project", Bonn (director)
- Shortfilm "Blaue Stunde", Berlin (assistant director)
- Feature Film "Lady Europa", Berlin (assistant camera)
- Shortfilm "Ein Tag im Leben..." (assistant director)
- Documentary "Nepal - Menschen & Religion" (DoP&director)
- Documentary "The Annapurna Circuit", Nepal (DoP&director)
- Travelling to Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore


Backpacking in Australia:
- Work for Colortape Videoproduktions ltd. in Perth, WA
- Shortfilm "Running", Perth WA (producer)
- Shortfilm "The Boinging", Perth WA (lighting technician)
- Work as: farmer, cowboy and salesman


Backpacking in Australia:
- Documentary about Backpacking in Australia (director&DoP)
- Work as: sales man, construction worker and fisherman

- Social Service at a camphill in Auckland, New Zealand
- Work for Pacifica Productions ltd. in New Zealand (documentary for German tv)


Social Service at a camphill in Auckland, New Zealand

- Establishing of the online video-news department of the newspaper "HNA"
- Developement and construction of a 6m camera crane
- Graduation as fitter&turner (Industriemechaniker - IMMS)


- Shortfilm "A LA CARTE", Kassel (director)
- Director and DoP at some youth filmprojects in Kassel
- Graduation from school with the A-Level in Kassel


Founding of JCM Productions, a small filmproduction company in Kassel
- camera for Virtual Nights in Kassel


- Shortfilm "Die Beichte", Kassel (assistant director)
- Feature Film "Auf zwei Rädern", Kassel (producer&director)


- Internship in the light department at the state theater in Kassel
- Light design on several theatre stages in Kassel


- Bachelor of Arts: Film&Fernsehregie
- Industriemechaniker (IMMS)
- Languages: German, English
- Drivers License "Class B"
- Boat driving license "Binnen"
- Diving License Paddi Open Water
- First Responder (first aid)
- Member of ver.di